Your Photos as you Pictured Them

At Photorenova we offer professional image editing of your photos to create the ones you always wanted!
Your wedding photo with the Eiffel´s Tower as background? Your son and your grandson together, at the same age playing in the park? Remove something or someone of your favorite pick? Would you like to look more attractive in a photo? …we can do it!

Are you a professional photographer, an advertising company, or an antique collector searching for a free-lance photo editor? We can help

Do you have valuable or loved photos, that are fading, changing color, with stains or tears? We love to rescue treasures or those special memories and gave you the opportunity to keep them much longer. Please go through our Gallery where you can see the “before and after” of some of our work

We offer you a custom service, of restoration, retouching, and photomontage to your favorite pictures. Send us your scanned images for an evaluation, and get a free quote, if you approved it, you will receive your photos intervened at low resolution, back of your payment, you will receive high quality renewed digital images ready for printing

It turns out Photoshop was a thing even in the 19th century

Instead of a computer, they used glue, paint and scissors but the final idea is still the same as today,  create a new image full off imagination....

Unrevealed photos taken by a soldier in the II WW

The Rescued Film Project recovers 31 rolls of unrevealed photos taken by a soldier in the second world war. The video shows the delicate and time-consuming process to discover images that were...